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Sur La Table Teaches Child Culinary Camp
By Camille Sarabia
Aug 8, 2013 - 9:32:21 AM

STUDIO CITY—Sur La Table has put together a 5-day cooking camp for kids to experiment with foods, learn the essentials of cooking and to have fun. Each class will incorporate essential skills to progress in cooking and knowledge of the tools used.  They will contain lessons on a 3-course meal per day that will be prepared by the foods learned that day.


Sur La Table has had success in its contributions to teach learning minds in the culinary field.  The Summer Camp for Teens and Kids provides four styles of classes to choose from during June, July or August.  Each class, The Science of Cooking For Kids, The Science of Cooking for Teens, Dessert Treats All Around the World for Kids and Dessert Treats All Around the World for Teens, is unique and includes experimenting and learning culinary skills from Sur La Table’s best chefs. 

The Science of Cooking for Kids. Photo courtesy of Sur La Table

The menu for the Science of Cooking Classes is separated by day and teaches the skill from the beginning.  Day one consists of yeast and sauces, teaching pizza dough, baking pretzels and oven baked turkey meatballs with marinara sauce. Day two teaches the use of eggs and rice, with egg fried rice, egg drop soup, California rolls and meringue nests with fresh fruit. Day three exhibits dairy with homemade yogurt, chicken curry with mango and homemade Naan. Day four teaches the essentials of baking powder and cream with homemade honey butter and buttermilk biscuits, empanadas and strawberry ice cream. Day five is the day of flour and more, teaching pasta dough, roasted vegetable lasagna, fluffy cheese puffs and turkey pot pie. 


To describe their culinary camp, Sur La Table states, “All week we’ll cover fundamentals such as basic knife skills, how to read and follow a recipe, measuring and mixing, and the importance of kitchen safety. Best of all, we’ll get into the fun scientific details of cooking: the importance of specific amounts of ingredients and cooking times, and more wild ideas such as how yeast reacts to sugar and warmth, or how oil and eggs emulsify and why.”  The objective of their camp is not only teaching about food, but to learn the concepts behind the food and to keep the children captivated by their fun and entertaining teaching methods.


Each day will last two hours from the specific times on the schedule when signed up, where each child will learn one of the menu items of the day.  Every student will also be able to take home a recipe book of what they made during the week, as well as their specialized apron that was made.


For more information or to sign up for a summer class call Sur La Table at 800-243-0852. 

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