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Unsuccessful Carjacking Near CBS Lot
By Camille Sarabia
Aug 14, 2013 - 6:34:49 PM

STUDIO CITY—A woman was nearly carjacked on Tuesday, August 6, a block away from the CBS studio lot. The driver was coming from home on Tuesday when the incident occurred near Valleyheart and Laurel Canyon Boulevard.


The suspect reportedly was sitting along the Los Angeles River and approached the woman's car and tried to jump in.  


CBS Studio Center Gate. Photo courtesy of CBS Studios
The suspect is described by the woman as an 18 to 20-year-old Hispanic male. After the incident, the victim immediately called 911 and filed a report with a description of the event and the suspect.  The suspect was identified and caught by authorities. 


The Los Angeles Police Department states that, "Statistically your chances of being a carjacking victim are very slim, and prevention actions can reduce the risk even more," but drivers should still be aware of the chances of a carjacking and should make the necessary precautions.


The LAPD describes a list of what victims should be aware of on their website, for ways to either prevent or handle a situation where a carjacking has occurred.  Ways to reduce your risk while on the road include keeping your windows rolled up and doors locked, be careful when driving alone and try to drive in the center lane. 


The Los Angeles Police Department also provides tips to take action against carjacking by working with the Neighborhood Watch Group, calling the local radio station to air information about carjacking prevention and to ask your insurance agent or company to put carjacking awareness information in their materials. 

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