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LA County To Settle On Redistricting Plans
By Krystle Hudson
Aug 21, 2011 - 7:29:17 PM

TOPANGA CANYON—L.A. County is undergoing a serious adjustment known as Redistricting. The United States Census is performed every ten years, and its purpose is to place a head count on how many people live in certain areas. After this is evaluated the population within L.A. County must be evenly divided into five supervisorial districts for the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors to be in compliance with the Los Angeles County Charter, that there must be exactly five members serving on the board for each district; thus the term redistricting. Once this has been established the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors elects the Boundary Review Committee. This committee consists of 10 members and 10 alternates that come up with a collection of data that outlines the proposed boundary changes.

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“The Boundary Review Committee is in charge of reviewing the public input process. They invite public committee meetings, campaigns and advise people to submit plans,” said Martin Zimmerman, Assistant Chief Executive Officer of Quality and Enrichment Programs and Services, in an interview with Canyon News.

A Public Access Plan has been established to persuade the community to get more involved in the redistricting planning process. There are several key components to the Public Access Plan that will help benefit members of the community, such as the development of a new County Redistricting website; Public and Community outreach meetings; a process for developing and submitting redistricting plans; a review process and public access to review submitted plans, as well as a timetable for adoption of a Supervisorial District Boundary Ordinance, according to the website

“Nineteen people have submitted plans to be analyzed and those plans were a 5/0 vote recommended to encourage and facilitate plans to submit to the Board of Supervisors,” said Martin Zimmerman

The deadline for additional plans was Tuesday, August 16, 2011. The next public hearing will be held at the Hall of Administration in Downtown Los Angeles on September 6, at 1:00 p.m. If there is a vote for a plan to go into action, the next board meeting will take place September 22nd. The Board of Supervisors must come to a decision on its redistricting plans by October, 31 for each of the California Elections Codes. More information can be found about the redistricting plans at their official website.

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