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Meals On Wheels West Seeks Volunteers
By Staff
Sep 5, 2012 - 5:44:05 PM

TOPANGA— Meals on Wheels West, a volunteer-based service, is looking for members of the community to help deliver food from Santa Monica to homebound residents in Topanga.  The organization helps provide prepared meals to those who are unable to leave their homes for any reason.

Currently there are only four volunteers for the Topanga area, but volunteer coordinator Lynn Dickhoff hopes to increase that number.  Her goal is to increase not just the number of volunteers, however, but also to increase the number of residents who use the service as it provides a lot of value for the community.

Some of the Meals on Wheels West volunteers. Credit to Meals on Wheels West.

Volunteering for Meals on Wheels West doesn’t take a huge commitment, requiring just a single visit a month, but volunteers are welcome to spend extra time with clients if they choose. 

“Meals are delivered once a week,” says Dickhoff.  “It usually takes about two hours, but volunteers are allowed to stay to visit with clients or just to provide company.”

Sometimes the volunteers provide the only company residents get.

Initially Meals on Wheels West served only the Santa Monica area, but Dickhoff expanded the service to her area eight years ago when her neighbor was in need of assistance.  She hopes more residents will take advantage of the program.  Santa Monica has over 200 homebound residents who rely on the service.

Subaru joins in on the volunteer action. Credit to Meals on Wheels West.

One can become homebound for any reason.  A sudden illness or even an injury can leave the most capable person helpless and in need of assistance from the community.

Spend some time improving your community by volunteering for Meals on Wheels West.  Contact Lynn Dickhoff at 310-455-1806 if you can offer assistance.  You can also contact Meals on Wheels West in Santa Monica at 310-394-5133, or visit

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