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Topanga Canyon "Child In Me" Exhibit
By Camille Sarabia
Jul 17, 2013 - 11:33:49 PM

TOPANGA CANYON Local Topanga Canyon artists will host an art show featuring professionals who will produce child-like art from the mind of a child to raise funding for “Topanga’s Only Playground”.


The gallery, debuting on July 18, titled “The Child in Me,” will consist of a collection from over 25 of Topanga’s very own artists. 


Each artist will look within their “inner child” and bring forth art that is both childlike and creative.  All proceeds and donations from the event will benefit the construction of the “Topanga’s Only Playground” for the children of Topanga Canyon.  One form of art will be the artisan crafted rubber ducks, which will be available for donations at $10. 

Current playground needing renovations. Photo courtesy of Topanga Canyon Gallery


“Topanga’s Only Playground" is a Topanga Canyon community effort to “revitalize our only playground,” states its website.  Their goal, rallied by local parents and long time Topanga Canyon residents, is to re-engineer the playground and to have their new plans enacted through the week of October 21 through October 27, 2013. 


The playground is custom designed with each child in mind. According to the “Topanga’s Only Playground” project information, the wood based playground is “designed for children of all ages, our new playground has a great play structure and swings for kids 5-12 years old, as well as elements to engage younger toddlers up to 5 years, such as a play house, bridge, slide, tot swings, and other sensory activities.”  Each child was included in the design as the “Plan By Design” designer interviewed children at Topanga Elementary for their input. 


The website states that “the budget for our playground is just under $110,000 and this will include all design/building fees, materials, landscaping and maintenance.”  The funding comes from local Topanga Canyon residents and proceeds from the “Child in Me” gallery helps with the cost. 


An artist reception will be held on Saturday, July 27 to commemorate the hard work of the artists whose artistic efforts help the community.

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