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Billboard Offering Free Artwork Displays
By Amanda Macke
Nov 19, 2013 - 6:34:43 PM

WEST HOLLYWOOD—A digital billboard on Sunset Boulevard is accepting submissions from artists to display their artwork for free.


The City’s Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission partnered with Art Goes Electronic to create a yearlong opportunity beginning in 2014 for artists to display their artwork for free on the digital billboard located at 9309 Sunset Blvd. The announcement came on November 13 and is a part of the Creative City’s “commitment to providing accessible arts and cultural events programming for its residents and visitors.”

Artwork will be shown on the digital billboard.

The digital billboard, which sits atop what used to be the Key Nightclub, will rotate through selected pieces of art, featuring each artwork for a total of two hours per day. The property owner permitted CBS Outdoor, one of the nation’s largest outdoor advertising companies, to use the billboard.


As one of Los Angeles’s busiest boulevards, the artwork displayed on the digital billboard has the chance to be seen by over 1,128,000 motorists per week, according to CBS Outdoor estimates. 


Artists of any genre can submit a maximum of six pieces per month to be displayed. Although deadlines vary, submissions should be made at least one month prior to the beginning of the month the applicant is requesting to display the art.


Each month in 2014 has been designated with an art theme or category. For example, January’s theme is “Street Art” and March’s themes include “Women’s History Month,” “Cesar Chavez Day” and “The Oscars.” The program requests that artists list the categories they wish to be included in when submitting their work. Pieces that do not fit into any categories can apply for months, like September, that have no theme. The list of 2014 monthly themes can be found at www.artgoeselectronic.com/.


The digital billboard’s dimensions are 10 feet high and 20 feet wide. All artwork submissions must be in the following display format:

Display Resolution: 288 pixels (H) x 640 pixels (W) 

File Resolution: 72 dpi 

File Format: .jpg or .bmp 

Duration: 14 seconds 

Avoid white backgrounds, use off-white instead


Art submissions or any questions regarding the program should be sent to: weho-age@verizon.net.

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