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City Of West Hollywood Condemns Boy Scouts
By Shelby Stiner
May 30, 2013 - 2:35:19 PM

WEST HOLLYWOODThe Boy Scouts of America has ended its policy on banning gay members from joining the organization but not everyone is satisfied with this move.
Boy Scouts of America logo.

Last Friday, the West Hollywood city council spoke out against the Boy Scouts of America’s discrimination against adult members of the LGBT.
“The Boy Scouts of America have taken a half-step in the right direction by lifting the ban on gay youth, but a half-step does not get you where you need to go,” said West Hollywood Mayor Abbe Land.

The city of West Hollywood has been an advocate for LGBT rights for a long time, passing a resolution in 2000 denouncing a Supreme Court ruling where gay assistant scoutmaster James Dale’s membership was revoked when the Boy Scouts of America discovered he was gay.

Members of the council believe the Boy Scouts exclusion of gay adults from its organization perpetuates insidious stereotypes of the LGBT community to the next generation.

“Unfortunately the decision by the Scouts perpetuates the hateful and false insinuation that gay adults cannot be trusted around children,” said Councilmember John Heilman, “The Boy Scouts need to move forward and end all of their discriminatory policies.”

Councilmember John Duran says other national scout organizations do not have the same policies regarding sexual orientation within their organizations and the Boy Scouts will soon follow their lead.

“The Girl Scouts have no prohibition based on sexual orientation,” Duran said. “The Boy Scouts are finally catching up with the rest of the nation. Someday the rest of the horrible policy will fail."

The city of West Hollywood continues to support the LGBT community and continues to show that support through political action. This month, the city council passed an item condemning the Boys Scouts continued discrimination against the LGBT community.

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