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Community Activists Seek Term Limits
By Stephen Manning
Jul 24, 2012 - 10:52:30 AM

WEST HOLLYWOOD—Community Activists in West Hollywood will push for a term limit ballot to be voted on by the City Council by March 2013.


The ballot is still being penned but is expected to introduce a three, four-year term limit on city council member terms. The three terms can be served consecutively or broken up, but 12 years will be the ultimate limit if the ordinance passes.


As of now there are no term limits on how long individuals can serve on the city council in West Hollywood, a policy that activists say has locals fed up.


Currently, four of the councilmembers have served over 10 years. Councilman John Heilman has served for 27 years, almost as long as West Hollywood has been considered a city. Councilwoman Abble Land has held her spot on the council for 20 years, Jeff Prang has served for 15 years, and John Duran has sat on the council for 11 years. The shortest term currently held belongs to John D’Amico, who was voted into office in 2011.


A term limit vote was brought before voters in the late 1990’s but failed to pass.


If the City Council does not voluntarily place the term limit proposal on the ballot, community activists will have to collect 3,000 to 4,000 signatures from West Hollywood voters in order to force the proposal to be put to voters.

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