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Flashing Beacons Installation Project Begins
By Damian Kelly
Oct 17, 2012 - 11:10:20 PM

WEST HOLLYWOODOn Tuesday, October 16, the City of West Hollywood began the first phase of a project to install beacons that are expected to improve visibility at pedestrian crossings on Santa Monica Boulevard.


Also known as Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons, they will make mid-block and unsignalized crossings more visible to motorists.  Reports indicate the project will last through the week with landscape work beginning shortly after. The majority of improvements and the installation of plant materials are expected to be completed in early November.


Signs like this will be greeting motorists. Photo courtesy of Flickr
The project will take place at the midblock unsignalized crosswalks on Santa Monica Boulevard at Orange Grove Avenue, Hancock Avenue and La Peer Drive, with landscape improvements taking place in addition to the removal and relocation of eleven palm trees.  The trees are expected to be relocated to other areas on the median where pedestrian visibility is not an issue.  The landscape work will include irrigation repair, removal of existing landscape material and installation of new low growing plant material.  West Coast Arborists, the city’s tree services contractor, and Mariposa Landscape will be doing the landscape improvements.


Over the course of the project, lanes of traffic will be closed in both directions on Santa Monica Boulevard.  Electronic sign boards will be in place to warn drivers of expected congestion and suggested alternate routes.


Project officials are hopeful the installation of the high-visibility crosswalk lights will increase pedestrian safety while not significantly impeding traffic.  An estimated 60,000 vehicles per day travel on Santa Monica west of La Cienega Boulevard.

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