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Frank Ocean's Cousin Sues Chris Brown
By Chet Kincaid
Aug 14, 2013 - 8:20:55 PM

WEST HOLLYWOOD—Pop/R&B entertainer Chris Brown is being sued by the cousin of R&B singer Frank Ocean, who claims a man of Brown’s entourage named "Hood" punched and kicked him.


The victim, identified as Sha'keir Duarte, is suing Brown for unspecified damages, which include a concussion and psychological injuries.

Chris Brown(left) and Frank Ocean(right)


Mark Geragos, Brown's attorney, demeaned the importance of the case. "This is what gives lawyers and lawsuits a bad name is garbage like this," Geragos said, claiming to countersue Duarte.


This all stems from a parking lot brawl that involved both Brown and Ocean on January 27 at Westlake Recording Studios.


Ocean, who suffered a finger injury, chose not to seek civil or criminal penalties after the brawl. Duarte also claimed threats that the fight could have escalated into a shooting. The fight started after Brown parked in Ocean's parking spot at the studio.

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