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Marijuana Dispensary Shut Down
By Ewing Carter
Jun 29, 2013 - 5:26:07 PM

Photo courtesy of Instagram
—On Thursday, June 27, the medical marijuana dispensary Zen Healing Collective was shut down after receiving another federal search warrant.


The dispensary has been under wide spread scrutiny since the owner, Andrew Kramer’s, arrest in April due to 47 counts of arson, attempted murder and other charges.


This is not the first major raid in recent months in the area. Approximately 353,700 grams of marijuana, 44,660 grams of hashish, 12,310 grams of hash oil, 216,860 grams of marijuana edibles, and $92,962 of United States Currency have been seized from the Zen Healing Collective.


Kramer is an international drug trafficker and is the head of the organization DTO which operates out of Los Angeles, California. He also is allegedly involved in the distribution of marijuana to other areas such as New Jersey, North Carolina, and South Carolina.


Kramer is currently detained in a Los Angeles jail awaiting trial on his numerous charges.


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