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Movietown's Plaza To Be Renovated
By Jennifer Alcaraz
Dec 18, 2012 - 8:54:03 PM

WEST HOLLYWOOD—The Movietown Plaza’s renovation development required city staff members to brief subcommittee of the West Hollywood Planning Commission. There are similarities for this renovation plan from the city council back in 2010; however, repairs to the Santa Monica Boulevard facades and landscapes have been added. This project which will provide more opportunities for activities including outside dining which is favored by city council candidate Steve Martin.
A virtual representation of the renovations. Photo courtesy activerain.com


For the project, the architectural corporation Van Tilburg, Banvard & Soderbergh has been hired by real estate developer Avalon Bay Communities to help design. The current floor plan includes two seven-story buildings, which will be accommodating condominiums. The condominiums will be taking the space of 10 floors of the building, a total of 26,000 square feet (a 20 percent diminution from the first floor plan).


In addition, the creation of a senior citizen apartment complex will be built in the five and six-story buildings. The senior citizen housing project will be accompanied by retail store space. Planning Commissioner Josh Altschul indicated the decrease in square footage was indicative of a new way in which land is being utilized, instead of the design of the project.  As a result, the city is left without commercial tax revenue and would need a new stage of Planning Commission or city council endorsement.


The Design Review Subcommittee has responded to Community Development Department planners Emily Stadnicki and Stephanie Reich to discuss the appropriate mode of advising the project, which includes developing a plan to get licensing.


Some residents from West Hollywood present during the meeting shared their opinions on the new expansion. A few expressed somewhat positive reviews such as the height reduction of the buildings, whereas another resident expressed her concern on the inability to fit all residents in smaller housing complexes.

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