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New Evidence Leads To Woodward Arrest
By Cassie Day
Oct 18, 2012 - 7:54:30 AM

WEST HOLLYWOOD—Forty year-old Joshua Woodward, owner of West Hollywood's "Table 8" has been charged for new evidence found by the District Attorney proving that he had intentionally induced a miscarriage to his then-girlfriend back in 2009. His bail is set at $4 million.


Los Angeles resident Woodward was accused of inducing a miscarriage four times by using the drug misoprostol from September 15, 2009 to October 25, 2009. It was reported that he would stick his hand in his backpack during foreplay where a white substance was removed and placed on his girlfriend. Days later, she found it on her underwear and reported it to authorities.

Table 8 Restaurant


The substance, which is known as misoprostol causes abortions.  A week later, she suffered a miscarriage. She was in her early stages of pregnancy at thirteen weeks. Woodward did not want the child and demanded an abortion.  When she denied the abortion, he took measures into his own hands.


Woodward was arrested back in 2009, but had not been charged. New evidence led to these charges last Tuesday nearly three years later. He turned himself in on Wednesday, October 18 to authorities. 


He pleaded not guilty to four accounts of attempted and premeditated murder. If he is found guilty, Woodward can spend a life sentence in prison.


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