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Parking Meter Hours Extended
By Ewing Carter
Jun 24, 2013 - 8:03:55 AM

Parking meter enforcement hours are being exteanded.
WEST HOLLYWOOD—Parking meter enforcement hours will be extended in the city of West Hollywood beginning in July to cater to local businesses and the public. New parking meters signs will be installed in July and during the month of August will be a warning period to allow drivers to become familiar with the new parking meter hours.


The increase in parking enforcement will impact the city in multiple ways, as more parking meters will allow more available spaces for citizens to park. They will also have an impact on traffic, greenhouse emissions from vehicles and control the pricing of parking in private owned lots and garages.


Funds generated from the parking meters will go to the Sheriff's Department which will increase police security and patrols throughout the city. The parking laws will go into full effect on Tuesday, September 3.


If you have any questions regarding the enforcement of parking hours in specific regions visit www.weho.org.

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