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Ride with Confidence!
By Cassie Day
Aug 21, 2012 - 10:11:34 AM

WEST HOLLYWOOD—Have you ever been too afraid to ride a bicycle on public streets because you were unaware of your rights or nervous about the passing cars? On Sunday, August 26, the city of West Hollywood will be hosting a “Confidence City Cycling” event for bicyclists.


The event will be held in the Spaulding parking lot on Spaulding Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard from 12 p.m.-4 p.m. It’s for ages 16 years and older. Co-sponsored with Sustainable Streets, there will be a classroom session teaching riders their rights and duties as bicycle operators on public streets, and later a hands-on class. The event is free, however, space is limited to only 12 participants to allow one-on-one teaching. You can sign up on sustainablestreets.org/education/ccc/.


Learn how to identify unsafe traffic situations and what to do to prevent crashes and collisions, enabling you to be safe on the street as you enjoy riding your bicycle with friends and family! Fixing a flat tire and minor mechanical adjustments will also be taught as helpful tips for all cyclists. Participants will receive a free Planet Bike Beamer head and taillight set, Pedros tire levers and a Nutcase helmet. Participants must provide their own bicycle.


Come get educated and encouraged to safely ride the public roads!

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