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City Council Votes To Renovate Werle Building
By Jennifer Alcaraz
Nov 26, 2012 - 10:14:13 PM

WEST HOLLYWOOD—The City Council in West Hollywood gave orders to staff members last Monday November 19 2011 to prepare diagram for the second floor in Werle Building which belongs to the city located at 615 N. Robertson Blvd (at El Tovar). Some of the improvements to the floor plan include accessible restrooms/stairs/ramps, an elevator, electrical improvements in order to able to fit larger group sizes. The sum of $10,000 was designated to hire an architect to design a diagram analyzing what the results of upgrading the facility would be in general since it is not following the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Currently, the space has been used by the June L. Mazer Lesbian Archives and the West Hollywood Park and Library Construction Project as storage room and office space.

The building was designed to be used by non-profit organizations. One group, which has bee using it since July 2003 is West Hollywood Drug and Alcohol Center for their 12-step gatherings. Councilman, John Heilman, expressed during the council meeting his concern on how essential it is to determine what the second floor will be used for once it is renovated.

Another members that participated in the meeting were from lesbian organizations. They shared their opinion on how it is because of their groups’ presence in that building that the Mazer still continues to be there. Board Member (to one of the or Jeri Deitric said that their organization would like to see it converted into a “lesbian space” meaning a place where lesbians gather periodically. It is not their intention, however, to limit others from utilizing the space a point that was made also. The mission statement of this group, according to what Marsha Salisbury from the West Hollywood Lesbian Visibility Committee noted how it is the groups’ mission to attract more lesbians to West Hollywood.

City staff, Mazer and ONE Archives (non-profit organizations currently occupying the building) will meet to discuss the space they will be able to use. The organizations are required to provide a set of ideas for programming and use, to approve the Director of Finance to disburse $10,000 for funding. This amount will go toward the architectural leaks and graphic design of the plan.

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