West Hollywood News
West Hollywood Conducts Community Survey
By Katherine Noland
Jan 15, 2013 - 1:54:22 PM

WEST HOLLYWOOD—In late January, the city of West Hollywood will be conducting a community study to update the city’s demographics and determine funding priorities for social service needs in the area.


Every fourth house in West Hollywood will receive a mailed survey to update information for the city where citizens will also be able to provide their input about issues including public safety, mobility, economic factors, and city-resident communication. The survey will be available in English, Spanish, and Russian.


Residents who do not receive a mailed survey will have the chance to fill one out online. There will also be focus groups and community forums available for interested participants. In addition, the city plans to host a number of different workshops in February and March. According to the city’s website, WeHo’s last Community Study was conducted in 2006.

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