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West Hollywood Provides Water Crisis Tips
By Irena Taylor
Feb 26, 2014 - 12:56:38 PM

Make sure faucets are turned all the way off to prevent leaking.
WEST HOLLYWOOD—In light of California’s drought crisis, the city of West Hollywood put out a press release on February 3, 2014 encouraging its citizens to save water with several helpful tips.  


The city’s first tip encourages those with driveways, pathways, patios and sidewalks to refrain from reaching for the hose when it comes to clearing away leaves, dirt and dust; instead, reach for a broom when those areas need maintenance.


It is also advised that when washing the car, owners should fill a bucket with water and remember to turn off the hose when it is not in use. Another water-saving method is bringing your car to a car wash. The water used at the car wash is recycled water, and will help with the drought situation.


The next water conserving tip pertains to shower/bath time. When stepping into the shower, it is advised to keep the shower down to a five-minute mark instead of indulging in showers that could be 10 minutes or longer. Cutting down shower time from 10 minutes to 5 minutes, saves 12.5 gallons of water from running down the drain when using a low-flow shower head; and with a regular shower head, 25 gallons will be saved. It is also advised when taking or giving baths to use less water by filling the tub halfway, which can save 12 gallons of water.  


Another tip is to switch over to water efficient fixtures and appliances.  A few of the appliances mentioned in the release include the use of ”˜low-flow shower heads and use aerators on faucets to save water [and installing] a high-efficiency toilet.  When doing laundry, using a washing machine full loads only save water and energy.’ It is also recommended to install water-conserving dishwashers, and like the laundry, only run it when the dishwasher is full. If the primary mode for cleaning dishes is by hand, it is advised to not let the water run.


The final tip to combat the water-crisis is to water plants early in the morning or late in the evening to prevent evaporation.  Making sure that sprinkler heads are working appropriately and that there are no problems in the pipes is also advised. The city mentions that switching to drip irrigation can reduce water use.


For more information on conserving water; contact the City of West Hollywood’s Environmental Services at: (323) 848-6404. The city also provided several links: www.bewaterwise.com, www.ladwp.com/waterconservation, www.beverlyhills.org/living/recyclingandconservation/waterconservation, www.westbasin.org.

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