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Billboard Near UCLA Causes Outrage
By Helya Askari
May 2, 2013 - 11:38:29 PM

WESTWOOD—A billboard unveiled near UCLA at Santa Monica Boulevard and Overland Avenue on Tuesday, April 30 has offended students and residents. The billboard, promoting the dating site ArrangmentFinders.com, features porn star Bree Olsen and states, in no uncertain terms that young women should consider dating “sugar-daddies” to make some extra cash.  


ArrangementFinders Billboard In Westwood.
Some people have voiced their outrage over the controversial billboard. “This is more than inappropriate in my opinion, it insinuates that women must rely on sex, rather than their intelligence to make money,” one resident informed Canyon News.


The company which states on its website that it encourages “intimacy with a twist” matches young attractive women with rich successful men.


The placement of the billboard close to UCLA has many thinking it’s not a coincidence, as the company’s goal is to target young women struggling to make money to join their team. The reps for the site have reportedly stated that the ad comes just in time for summer break, as students are free to look for jobs to pay off their student loans.


The same billboard was placed in Chicago, but was taken down shortly after residents made complaints.


The dating website, owned by the $90 million dollar dating website, Ashley Madison, makes no apologies for the content of the billboard.


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