Westwood News
Second Annual Emergency Preparedness Fair
By Jennifer Alcaraz
Oct 19, 2012 - 1:46:35 PM

WESTWOOD— Westwood Village will be hosting its second annual Emergency Preparedness Fair this Saturday, October 20.  Michael Stajura, (Chair for the Westwood NC Public Safety Committee), who is the point person for organizing the event, spoke to Canyon News.


“Public safety is important to be addressed in the community, and by having an event as this we can also bring the community together,” said Stajura.  "An event like this one helps educate people on the precautionary steps to take in case an earthquake occurs.  Nonetheless, the fair is not limited to just providing  its audience that information.  The Department of Water will be present educating the public about electrical safety measures," added Stajura. 



In addition, the American Red Cross and Los Angeles Police Department will also be at the fair interacting with the crowds.  The Fire Department is expected to put together a Sesame Street themed puppet show for the younger audience. The fair will demonstrate an electronic fire extinguishing presentation for people to learn how to put out a fire.


The “Big Shaker,” an 8.0 magnitude earthquake simulation will grant people the opportunity to experience firsthand what an earthquake feels like and how to react to it.  This is the second year the Emergency Preparedness Fair has taken place. Michael Stujura hopes the event will continue on in the following years with the help of the community. 

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