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Student Caught Stealing Undergarments
By Jennifer Alcaraz
Oct 16, 2012 - 5:53:20 AM

WESTWOOD—A student resident in the University Cooperative Housing Association (UCHA) or as it is commonly known, “the coop” from the UCLA campus was caught in the act of stealing female undergarments on Saturday, October 13. Canyon News spoke with a witness who did not want to be identified about the incident.


She stated that there were complaints already by other female residents since the summer that some of their underwear items were missing from the laundry machine, specifically panties.  No suspect was apprehended in those incidents.

UCLA Campus


According to the witness account, another female resident placed another complaint, but in her case she had not had any undergarments stolen.  She stepped out of her room to brush her teeth, and when she returned felt something in her room was not right. She proceeded to open one of the doors of her roommate’s closet and there was a young man of Asian decent inside.


The girl told the young man to drop anything he had in his pockets and she searched him as well, finding a bra (her roommate’s) inside one of his pockets. The guy ran out of the room. The series of incidents are now under investigation with the UCHA security crew. The victim, who caught the suspect red-handed, will be asked to look at ID pictures of all Asian male residents in order to identify him. 

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