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$1 Billion I-405 Sepulveda Project Delayed
By Jennifer Alcaraz
Nov 21, 2012 - 10:32:35 PM

WESTWOOD—The completion of the Sepulveda project will not occur in May 2012. It has been delayed until December 2013, as announced in a meeting on November 15, at the Westwood Recreation Center. The cause of the delay is the erroneous use of materials by the contractor, which is needed to rebuild the retaining walls. Currently, Sepulveda Way is still closed until the work on north Sepulveda is completed; the northbound Sunset on-ramp is programmed to open in spring 2013.

Sunset Bridge Under Construction
The work on Montana Avenue and Church Lane will also continue, and is considered to be the last part completed. The construction work in between these two streets is located near residential homes, and the contractor is installing sound-proof walls. Another construction site in Sherman Oaks will proceed in widening the freeway. By December, sound wall reconstruction will begin. The final stage of construction on the project will occur on Wilshire with the addition of half of the 23 total bridges in the project.

In addition to the information provided on how the community will be affected by construction, various topics were discussed at Thursday’s meeting. Such topics included traffic light synchronization, blinding lights from freeway construction, intended ramp closings and traffic jams around Sunset Boulevard. These concerns were brought up by the residents who are affected by the I-405 Improvement Plan.

One resident did mention how commuting has gotten a little better, especially with the four lane road on Sunset Boulevard.

Another complaint heard during the meeting came from a resident who expressed the difficulty to go in and out of her neighborhood due to construction being done. Nonetheless, some of the people who attended the meeting had an optimistic attitude that everything would be better soon.


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