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UCLA Receives Donation Of 4.6 Million
By Jennifer Alcaraz
Jan 4, 2013 - 12:46:54 AM

WESTWOODThe University of California, Los Angeles, will be awarded $4.6 million to support research at the Clark Urology Centers at UCLA’s Westwood Campus and Santa Monica Campus. The financial contribution was made by Frank Clark, a late University of California Board of Regents member and former May Co. department store executive, and his wife Dorothy H. Clark who passed away in 2011.

UCLA Campus

Clark was appointed by then Governor Jerry Brown in 1980 to the UC Board of Regents where he served there for more than 20 years. He completed his education at UCLA in 1946 after joining the Office of Naval Intelligence after Pearl Harbor was attacked.

Frank was a UCLA alumni who passed away at the age of 90 in 2008.  He was also a supporter of UCLA’S urology department. In 1993. he was a contributor in the creation of the Clark Morrison Pediatric Urology Center, which is committed to treating children suffering from congenital conditions.  A part of the couple’s estate was given to UCLA’s Department of Urology. According to Mark Litwin, the chairman of the urology department, there is another donation to be expected for the upcoming year. Clark is considered a diligent supporter, whose contributions will help sustain the department’s ongoing research, educational and clinical efforts in finding improved treatments and cures for the various urologic conditions they focus on.

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