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USC Billboard In Westwood Taken Down
By Ivetta Babadjanian
Aug 29, 2012 - 4:17:39 AM

WESTWOOD—A billboard that featured USC's quarterback in Westwood Village was covered on Tuesday, August 28, by the company that owns the space. The billboard was located merely blocks away from USC's longstanding rival school, UCLA.

The billboard on the corner of Westwood Boulevard and Lindbrook Drive featured quarterback Matt Barkley looking up with the words
"We play to finish" and the LA in "play" highlighted.

The billboard is one of 30 in Southern California as a part of USC's "WE PLAY" branding and marketing campaign, which covers multiple sports and includes bus wraps and other media platforms.

Tim Tessalone, USC athletic department spokesman, stated that USC had nothing to do with the covering of the billboard and did not agree with the decision to do so. UCLA athletic spokesman, Nick Ammazzalorso, also stated that his school had nothing to do with what occurred to the billboard. 

Many UCLA fans complained of the location of the advertisement, although Tessalone stated its location was by no means meant to suggest or provide any negative feelings towards UCLA.

Regency Outdoor Advertising, which is co-owned by Brian Kennedy, owns the billboard. Prominent USC donor Kennedy stated on Tuesday that a decision was made to move the Barkley ad to another location. It was not stated as to why the billboard was taken down as none of the other 29 similar billboards in the area that USC purchased have been taken down or blacked out.

UCLA is expected to have its own marketing campaign on billboards sometime soon.

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