Woodland Hills
DNA Sample Ordered For Tennis Umpire
By Damian Kelly
Sep 21, 2012 - 2:53:53 PM

WOODLAND HILLS—In an emergency hearing held on Wednesday, September 19, tennis umpire Lois Goodman, accused of killing her husband, was ordered to provide a DNA sample.

According to multiple reports, prosecutors are hopeful the DNA evidence will link Goodman to the crime in which she allegedly beat her 80-year old husband, Alan Goodman, to death with a coffee mug.

The judge ruled a 2nd DNA sample must be performed. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.
Goodman, 70, who maintains her innocence, claims she came home from a tennis match on April 17 and discovered her husband had fallen down the stairs.  Investigators found this wasn’t the case as the blood found throughout the Woodland Hills condominium wasn’t consistent with a fall and neither were his stab wounds.

Police tracked Goodman down in New York and she was arrested in August. At the time of her arrest, she was on her way to a U.S. Open match to serve as a line judge. Goodman was extradited back to Los Angeles to face the charges.

There was a renewed push for a DNA sample. Although one was taken at the time of Goodman’s arrest, the sample was sent to a state database.  Prosecutors claimed they needed a separate saliva sample.

Goodman’s defense team protested this request as they argued prosecutors hadn’t shown probable cause that Goodman was involved in the homicide and the DNA sample was an unnecessary intrusion.

The defense also argued that information was not offered by the prosecution as to how DNA would link Goodman to the murder. They added that a crime that happened in her own house would turn up traces of Goodman’s DNA all throughout the residence anyway.

The judge ruled in favor of the prosecution, stating the sample must be taken in a private setting. An appeal filed by the defense attorneys to block the DNA test was denied. 

Meanwhile, Goodman remains free on bail and is wearing an electronic monitoring device. Her next appearance in court is scheduled for October 3.

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