Woodland Hills
Dead Man's Family Files Lawsuit
By Stephen Manning
Jun 18, 2012 - 11:19:21 AM

WOODLAND HILLSThe family of a young man who was shot and killed by police in Woodland Hills after a car chase will file a federal lawsuit against the city and the Los Angeles Police Department.


Adbul Arian, a 19 year old from Winnetka, was repeatedly shot by police officers after getting out of his car at the end of a high-speed car chase on the Ventura freeway (101).
A photo from victim Abdul Arian's Facebook page.


After exiting his vehicle at the end of the chase, Arian took an aggressive stance, with arms extended towards the officers, with something in his hands, running backwards and stopping occasionally to point the object at officers again. His posture suggested a weapon, an assumption made more powerful by Arian’s call to 911 during the chase saying that he had a gun, and wasn’t afraid to use it against police is necessary.


Officers emptied more than 100 rounds from their guns at Arian when he took this apparent shooting stance, however, upon investigation of the body, it was found that he had only been carrying a cell phone, no gun was present.


The man’s family has claimed that police used excessive force, ignoring potential solutions like none lethal devices such as stun guns. LAPD has released statements saying the situation was unfortunate, but that officers acted in accordance with laws protecting themselves and public safety.

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