Woodland Hills
"Coffee Cup Killer" Case Dropped
By Katherine Noland
Nov 30, 2012 - 5:03:01 PM

WOODLAND HILLS—The case of tennis umpire Lois Goodman, accused of bludgeoning her 80-year-old husband with a coffee mug, was dismissed Friday due to lack of evidence.

On August 21, Goodman was arrested in New York and deported back to Los Angeles for allegedly murdering husband Alan Goodman in their Woodland Hills home on April 17. The tennis referee claimed that she had came home to her husband’s dead body in their bed, where she believed he had crawled to after falling down the stairs onto the coffee cup that he was carrying.

Authorities initially accepted her story, until the night before his cremation, suspicious injuries were found on the deceased victim's head. Police believe she had bludgeoned her husband with a coffee cup, and stabbed him with shards of glass on his forehead. Goodman spent two weeks in jail and was released on a $500,000 bail, while pleading not guilty to the crime. Today, Superior Court Judge Jessica Silvers dismissed the case without prejudice; it can still be reopened upon further findings from authorities, who at this point are saying the case will continue.

Attorney Allison Krause and Lois Goodman.

Despite allegations from prosecutors, Goodman’s attorneys and family have stood by her innocence. Goodman has passed both a lie detector and DNA test.

As quoted on the Lois Goodman Defense Fund Facebook Page, "I feel wonderful!’ Goodman said, standing in the rain outside the courthouse, flanked by her attorneys. I want to thank my family and my attorneys, my friends. Their support has been wonderful. And I want to thank the D.A.’s office for doing the right thing. I have always maintained my innocence."

The Facebook page, along with the website loisgoodmandefensefund.com made by family and friends, are both dedicated to raising funds for Goodman’s legal fees.


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