Woodland Hills
Burglaries Increase In Woodland Hills
By Melissa Simon
Jul 29, 2013 - 3:16:01 PM

WOODLAND HILLS—The LAPD Topanga Division has sent out an advisory to the community regarding a rise in residential burglaries in the Woodland Hills community.

Suspects are targeting unoccupied homes located of major streets including Valley Circle, Mulholland Drive and Dumetz Road.

Neighborhood Watch sign
According to the advisory: “suspects identify unoccupied houses and knock on the front door to verify if anyone is inside. There have been a number of burglaries where suspects have ignored the alarm signs posted in the front of the house and still proceeded to target the house. If someone answers the door, suspects come up with a quick response and leave.”

Suspects are entering the homes through sliding doors or windows on the side or back of the house.

Police are advising residents to be alert about the activity in their neighborhoods and watch for people that are loitering or appear to be casing the neighborhood. According to the advisory, suspects are using higher end vehicles that do not stand out and typically commit the burglaries in groups of two or more.

The Topanga Division has asked anyone with information on a possible vehicle description and/or license plate to contact the Senior Lead Office at (818) 756-3070 and if there is a suspect in the process of committing a crime to contact 9-1-1 or non-emergency at (877) 275-5273 for any suspicious activity.

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