Woodland Hills
Settlement Reached In HCF Lawsuit
By Nedda Alishahi
Jun 15, 2013 - 9:08:59 AM

WOODLAND HILLS—The HCF Insurance Agency has been provided $3.8 million in reputation damages and lost profits from a lawsuit involving a healthcare management organization that breached an agreement with HCF. HCF Insurance had reportedly loaned Pasadena Healthcare Management, Inc. the down payment for the healthcare organization worker’s compensation policy.

HCF Insurance Agency provides health insurance for healthcare facilities

HCF Insurance Agency, which is based in Woodland Hills, reportedly sued Pasadena Healthcare Management, Inc. in Cerritos after the healthcare management organization refused to pay HCF premiums on their worker’s compensation policy, did not pay HCF the broker fees and commissions they owed. They did not repay the loan that HCF had provided them.


The trial spanned a total of seven days in which HCF provided evidence that they had abided by their side of the agreement and had acted in good faith, but that Pasadena Healthcare Management, Inc. had not fulfilled their part of the agreement.

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