HOLLYWOOD —This week we choose Don Diamont, who portrays Bill Spencer on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” for your daytime Emmy-nomination consideration. Diamont appeared previously in “B&B’s” sister soap opera “The Young and the Restless” as Bradley Carlton. Who knew that Diamont could create such an exciting character and play it so differently from Brad, a role he portrayed for almost two decades? Obviously the master of daytime TV Bradley P. Bell knew. Bradley is executive producer and head writer of “B&B.” Don has transfixed viewers and they can’t get enough of him or his alter ego Bill.

Last year Bill arrived in L.A. to take over Forrester Creations. He achieved his goals but during the process he fell in love with Katie Logan and in lust with Steffy Forrester, a young lady who proved to be too hot for him to handle. The actor is nothing short of sensational as the billionaire publishing mogul. Don has worked with almost all of the leading ladies on “B&B” and has great chemistry with them all. His on-screen wife is played by Emmy-winner Heather Tom who portrays Katie Logan Spencer, the wife of the devious businessman.

The scenes I loved the most included Bill telling off his sisters-in-law Brooke and Donna; however, he made pure gold out of everything he played. Bill is so multifaceted, he’s not one-sided at all. You don’t know whether to love or hate the character because Don Diamont knows how to make him someone we can’t get enough of every week.

Scenes with Susan Flannery, Ronn Moss and Heather Tom are surely on his short list to submit to the Academy voters. Whatever Mr. Diamont decides, he’s surely already a winner as far as viewers are concerned. Don Diamont would be a great choice for the award of Outstanding Lead Actor and thankfully Bradley Bell gives him such enormous and incredible material to work with. Exceptional acting due to extraordinary writing.
Photographs Courtesy: Don Diamont by CBS and Don Diamont and Heather Tom are courtesy JPI Studios© West Hollywood