Leading Ladies, Sophisticated Women

HOLLYWOOD —Sophisticated actresses who portrayed very sophisticated and strong women this week are the Gold Standard for daytime television. Constance Towers, who portrays the evil billionaire Helena Cassadine on ABC’s “General Hospital,” and Ashley Jones, who portrays Bridget Forrester Marone on CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful,” are inspiring to watch, entertaining and elegant. Both actresses are fan favorites who have powerful on-screen personas, which the actresses use to convey strength.


Ashley Jones, Bridget Forrester Marone

The prowess of Helena Cassadine is only topped by the acting skills of her alter ego. Constance Towers has worked with legends on the big screen such as, Michael Douglas, Gwyneth Paltrow, John Wayne, William Holden and Glenn Ford, while her on-screen leading man today is multi-Emmy winner Anthony Geary. The two actors have crackling scenes on “GH” which fans love to see. This week Helena’s return to Port Charles was a surprise for her grandson Nikolas, whom she considers the Cassadine prince. Constance Towers warmth but power was exhibited in a very strong manner when she had scenes with Nikolas’s portrayer Tyler Christopher. The elegance of the actress is evident in each scene, but when Helena has to show her wicked side, Towers does so with an air of class that the former Ambassador’s wife was born with.


Constance Towers, Helena Cassadine

Helena’s return is welcomed by millions of “General Hospital” devotees and Towers brings an element of surprise to a role she’s perfected over the past 12 years.

Ashley Jones is a young woman in Hollywood with great talent and vision. Jones portrays Bridget and this week, we got to see a whole new side of the character. While many actors use the same old trickery in scenes, not Jones. Bridget’s new transformation as a stronger woman who confronted the woman whose in love with her husband Nick was fabulous to see. Jones one of the most gracious and beautiful people you could ever meet, was sensational when Bridget told Sandy, now Agnes, “I don’t even know who you are. I knew Sandy, you are actually Agnes.” Then added, “Didn’t I warn you to stay away from my husband?” Bridget is morally superior to Agnes and Jones a very superior performer. The young actress is incredible in the role. It was exciting to see what Bradley Bell is obviously doing for the viewers while the tension between Bridget and Agnes continues to build to a fever pitch.
Bridget is a character that has lost a husband to her mother and another to her aunt. She has been lied to repeatedly and she will not tolerate a con-woman in Agnes trying to steal Nick away from her. Whatever Bell has in store, fans need to tune in to watch the new version of sensual on-screen siren Ava Gardner give a portrayal that is mesmerizing at the very least.

Constance Towers and Ashley Jones exemplify elegance and sophistication, while Helena and Bridget have their own plan for their enemies. Towers airs on “General Hospital” weekdays on ABC and Jones on CBS daytime.

Photographs Courtesy: Constance Towers by Theresa Priem and Ashley Jones by Gilles Toucas, Bell Phillip Television Productions