LOS ANGELES—On June 2, CEO of Lyft, Logan Green, 31, posted a blog on their website announcing their partnership with the American Cancer Society which will give free rides to patients battling cancer.

The service first launched in Miami and Las Vegas, and is now slated for more locations including Los Angeles, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Denver, Houston, St. Louis and Philadelphia. The American Cancer Society estimates over 600,000 people will die from cancer in the year 2018.

A couple days after their announcement in Las Vegas, Lyft announced a partnership with United Way. United Way focuses on education, income, and health for the community. Lyft is handing out free rides as part of their 2-1-1 program to those in need and who meet the qualifications established.

“Last year, our 2-1-1 network received more than 250,000 transportation requests nationwide, and 20 percent of those could not be met with existing resources,” said United Way Worldwide U.S. President Mary Sellers. “By partnering with Lyft, we’re better able to meet community needs by helping individuals get the services they require.”

For individuals in need of a ride contact 1-800-227-2345 to get in contact with the American Cancer Society. Individuals using the service are informed to contact ahead of time to schedule an appointment. For more details visit the Road to Recovery website at: https://www.cancer.org/treatment/support-programs-and-services/road-to-recovery.html.