BEVERLY HILLS—City Council candidate Nancy Krasne has been in local politics for years. However, she’s still a maverick and an independent thinker. Her ability to speak to audiences is legendary. “She’s very much a person who does not read off a script. Nancy loves the city of Beverly Hills and she wants to continue helping our community,” said Michael Meurer. “Nancy’s mission when she was actually mayor was to limit the extreme growth and expansion of the city, which was causing us to lose our quaint village atmosphere. She believes that we can grow and encourage commerce without losing what makes Beverly Hills special. That’s what she hears every day when she meets with constituents.”

Krasne was raised in Los Angeles. She later graduated from University High School and UCLA. She went on to teach elementary school for 18 years in the L.A. Unified School District. “Nancy loved teaching. She interacts so well with people and that is why she loves serving her community,” said her campaign manager.

A 35-year Beverly Hills resident, Krasne is a dynamic community leader who has devoted much of her public life to community service. She served as Vice Chair and Chair on the Architectural Commission for seven years. She was later appointed in 2003 to the Beverly Hills Planning Commission, where she developed in-depth knowledge of land use, infrastructure and development issues. This remains on her agenda if she’s elected on March 8. “Nancy believes there is still work to be done in maintaining and preserving our beautiful community. She often tells her staff and anyone who asks, that it’s important to her to serve the community because she lives here and has lived here her entire life,” said Meurer.

When Krasne was mayor, she was faced with a deficit of over $18.5 million. With her ability to slash unnecessary spending, she was able to not only close the deficit, but she produced a surplus for the city. Meurer adds, “She did so without making any cuts to vital services. There were no cuts to fire, police or even the public library. She found where there was waste and got rid of it, and was able to offset without asking for higher taxes or harming necessary services. Even tree trimming, which is also very important in this city, was not slashed.”

Also while mayor, Nancy Krasne made sure there was a policy enforced against anyone serving in city government becoming a lobbyist within two years of leaving office. She believes that members of city government should not have the ability to encourage the decision making of others who are entrusted to do the work of citizens. “Ethics in government is something that means a lot to our candidate, and she has kept her word every time she’s asked for people to vote for her,” said Meurer.

Krasne is credited with salvaging the distinct beauty of Wilshire Boulevard and Little Santa Monica over her tenure in office. Her dedication to government, serving the people and maintaining the integrity and beauty of the region are hallmarks of her years in service.

Nancy Krasne and her husband, Jim, are lifelong Beverly Hills residents. They have been married for 40 years, and they have two sons, Kevin and David. When the candidate is not serving her community, she enjoys cooking, traveling, collecting Japanese art and spending time with her family. However, don’t be surprised if you find Krasne knocking on your home or business door in the coming weeks. This election is important for everyone in this community and you should be sure to vote on March 8. “We would like to thank everyone for their support and we hope that if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, contact Krasne for City Council,” concluded campaign manager Michael Meurer.

You may learn more about the candidate at her official or by calling 310-498-1010.