WESTWOOD—The Majestic Crest theater, the iconic Westwood spot whose rich history includes countless high-profile Hollywood premiers, has been sold.   In an e-mail to patrons that was first reported by LA Observed, owner Robert Bucksbaum discusses the sale of the Majestic and his experience working there.  “It has been a wonderful chapter in my life and I could never had made it this long without the tremendous support from our loyal patrons.” Bucksbaum announced in the e-mail that the upcoming Julia Roberts’s flick “Eat Pray Love” would be “the last film at the Crest.” Bucksbaum did not elaborate upon the situation nor speak to the future of the theater whose history is extremely rich as it has become a Hollywood haven in Westwood.

The theater was built in 1941 by the mother of Peter and Jane Fonda, Frances Seymour Fonda. Her intention at the time of its inception was to build a space for live theater; however, with the onset of World War II, locals needed a place for viewing newsreels and stay abreast of what was happening in the war abroad.  After a series of face-lifts and changes, the theater was taken over by Pacific in 1985 and re-named the Pacific Crest.  A partnership with Disney propelled the theater forward and it became a fast favorite for Hollywood execs as a place to view films and host premiers. “Three Men and a Baby” was the first movie Disney premiered at the spot and since then the theater has continued to play host to big name celebrities and their blockbusters.

While management at the Majestic was not available for comment, patrons of the establishment eagerly await more information on the future of the theater.  For more information, check out the theater’s website atwestwoodcrest.com.