BEVERLY HILLS—Beverly Hills is the most expensive travel destination in California, according to’s most recent survey.

To calculate the rankings, TravelMag first established a baseline: all hotels considered must be in close proximity to a beach or the city center, and must have at least a three-star rating. Then, TravelMag “established the nightly price a summer guest can expect to pay for the most affordable [double] room in each destination.”

Based on these parameters, Beverly Hills’ hotels had the highest average overnight cost—$239 for the cheap rooms. The result is unsurprising, considering the number of exclusive and luxurious hotels in the neighborhood. At the iconic five-star Beverly Hills Hotel, for example, a night’s stay can run over $500. The Montage Beverly Hills, which combines European design with Hollywood elegance, is even pricier with a going rate of $620 a night.

Even with its spate of upscale hotels, Beverly Hills only narrowly beat out its closest competitors for the top spot on TravelMag’s list.

Guests in Santa Monica, the third-place winner, can expect to pay around $234 a night, if they stay any time between June 1 and August 31.

For more information, and the full list of the 20 most expensive destinations in California, visit TravelMag’s website.