UNITED STATES—A construction site can be a dangerous place and you need to be aware of them at all times. Here are 10 of the most common construction injuries you could face onsite, and what you can do to avoid them happening in the first place.

Falling from a Height

For most full construction jobs, there will be a portion of time spent up high. This increases the risk of a worker falling and seriously injuring themselves. When working at a height, you should always ensure that your ladder is correctly grounded and you are secure at all times. Depending on the height, you should consider a safety harness.

Slips and Trips

While many construction workers might be more careful to avoid anything which could result in a painful trip, the same cannot be said for visitors to the site. Brief any and all visitors on places where they could injure themselves in a trip and take out construction liability insurance to protect your company.


Tinnitus, or ringing in the ear, may occur on a site which uses a lot of noisy machinery. Make sure that every member of the team is supplied with a pair of ear defenders and make sure they know when they should be using them.

Asbestos Inhalation

Asbestos was once used as an insulation material so old buildings may be packed with it. Before you begin work, consult an expert to see if there is asbestos present. You will need to hire a professional removal company if there is.


Electrocutions can happen when someone does not know what they are doing when connecting something up. Make sure only qualified electricians touch anything to do with electricity on your building site and be sure to communicate amongst the team when the power is down and when it is live.

Airborne Materials Inhalation

There is a whole host of different materials which can affect your health negatively if they are inhaled; from sawdust to paint fumes and more. Supply your team with facemasks if you are working in such conditions.

Falling Objects

Things can drop down between levels of a building site very easily if you are not vigilant. Whether it is tools dropping off scaffolding, or tiles coming loose from a roof, you must make sure everyone onsite is wearing a hardhat to protect themselves from falling objects.

Misuse of Machinery

Misuse of machinery can result in loss of limb or even death in the wrong hands. Therefore, the only people using machinery of any sort on a construction site should be those who have had extensive training in it.


Too many hours in hot or cold conditions will have a negative effect on the health of your workers. Take the weather conditions into consideration when planning the breaks for the day and make sure they have somewhere to go on their breaks which is shielded from the elements.

Injury to Feet

Finally, everyone onsite should also wear steel-capped boots to avoid an injury to the feet. All it takes is a dropped tool or construction material and you could potentially have lost a toe or even the use of your foot in extreme cases.

Follow these guidelines to minimize injuries and accidents on your construction site now.