UNITED STATES—From emerald to garnet and from pearls and mother of pearl (https://www.thepearlsource.com/mother-of-pearl.php)  to quartz, gemstones come with the widest range of benefits – and not just the aesthetical kind. Before you head out hunting for your perfect quartz roller or thinking of buying pearls online, make sure to read our list on the most surprising physical and mental health benefits provided by nature’s most beautiful gems.

  1. Rose Quarts – Accelerated Healing

There’s a reason why rose quarts has been one of the most popular bridesmaids’ gifts in the past few years – it’s because those facial rollers are not just pretty, but also beneficial. Rose Quartz is valued for its ability to improve circulation, as well as boost neuron activity and even help with the healing process.

  1. Pearl

Natural pearls have been used in medicine since the oldest times – and they’ve recently gained more notoriety with the popularization of pearl powder, a nutritional supplement meant to improve the quality and health of skin, as well as stimulate regeneration. Many vouch for the pearl’s power to better sleep, as well as promote calmness and tranquility. Like pearl, nacre brings the wearer the gentle powers of the ocean with its destressing properties and soothing of the emotions.

  1. Amethyst

Not only is the gorgeous purple stone a great tranquilizer, but amethyst is also able to help you reduce the stress and anxiety in your life. Indirectly, amethyst helps you boost your immune system by simply decreasing your stress level – since stress is a known factor in weakening immunity.

  1. Emerald

Emerald is the natural gemstone to count on if you are fighting an illness of the heart, spine, lungs or muscular system. In addition, the green gemstone promotes mental balance, while stimulating recovery. Whether you’re opting for crystal therapy or simply choosing jewelry featuring the stunning gemstone in deep green hues, the beneficial effects on health are veritable.

  1. Lapis Lazuli

How does stronger organs, stronger bones and muscles sound? If your health could use a boost, it’s never a bad idea to opt for jewelry featuring lapis lazuli, the December birthstone in intense azure hues. Plus, you’ll also benefit from more tranquility and positivity and an overall better mental endurance.

  1. Garnet

Garnet is a fiery red gemstone – and its no surprise that what it’s associated with is energy and vitality. Wear garnet for an overall system boost, including body and mind revitalization, as well as improved emotional state. Moreover, some associate garnet with protection from evildoers or bad karma.

  1. Tourmaline

Tourmaline is known for its properties regarding improved oxygenation of the brain, which helps your blood circulation. Not only that, but the semi-precious stone that comes in rainbow colors is great when your body is in dire need of a detoxification.

  1. Aquamarine

If you need help with digestive, eye and teeth-related issues, aquamarine is the stone to count on. The March birthstone has been associated with protection by the sea for centuries and many believe that it carries a positive force that helps reduce fear of water. Moreover, if you’re into meditation, aquamarine is one of the most popular stones used by shamans.

  1. Clear Quartz

Quartz (and especially its clear variety) is considered one of the most potent stones when it comes to healing. Not only does the beautiful gem cleanse your immune system, but it also promotes the purification of organs, while removing toxins and promoting balance and tranquility.

  1. Jade

If strength and regeneration is what you’re after, jade is your go-to. The beautiful green gem is a great ally for people suffering with chronic illnesses, as many claim that it manages to strengthen the body’s filtration and cleansing systems. Moreover, being associated with the heart chakra, jade is useful to ameliorate stress and anxiety.