Technological progress has never stood still even for a second. It has been drastically changing the way humans live. It has impacted all spheres of our lives, including education. And with all the distance learning regulations around, the amount of new helpful platforms for students has increased.

But with all these countless apps, sometimes it’s hard to decide which one to use and where it is applicable. Don’t worry, there are many sites dedicated to providing reviews for such helpful services. For example, EssayService reviews section gives a full breakdown of essay writing services, so that you can easily choose between them. So, we made this list to help you find the best and the most useful apps, sites, and technology.




While writing assignments, it’s often hard to notice some common typos and grammar mistakes. You may be wondering is grammarly premium worth it? Well the answer is probably yes if you use it extensively. That’s where Grammarly comes in. It scans your writing in real-time and provides suggestions and corrections on all your mistakes. Writing an essay with Grammarly becomes a much easier task, as you don’t even need to look for errors after you’re done. It has already been taken care of by Grammarly.

Hemingway App

Speaking about writing, one of the most important things about it is the readability of the text. Building huge sentences one after another isn’t really the best idea as it can prevent the reader from focusing on your work. Hemingway app, similar to Paperwriter, rates your writing based on how readable it is and gives an analysis. It includes such things as:


  • The number of adverbs


  • Passive voice usage


  • Overcomplicated phrases


  • Hard to read sentences


  • Very hard to read sentences


Hemingway is the ultimate readability checker, so use it to its fullest.




This one is for those who have trouble with math. What MathWay does is it solves any mathematical or even chemical problems. But it doesn’t limit itself to the answer only, as the full algorithm of the solution is provided too. You could use it not only to solve all the problems but also to learn how it’s done or to find your mistakes. It’s also very easy to use, as you can either scan the handwriting with a camera, upload a photo, write it manually, or through the site.




Being the largest code host in the world, GitHub is pretty well-known among programmers. But in case you’ve never heard of it and are interested in writing software, here it is. GitHub stores stunning amounts of code so that everyone can find whatever they need. Also, one can write, debug, deploy, share the code, or work on it collaboratively. All in one place.




For those who want to study languages and travel all around the world, Duolingo is the perfect fit. It’s considered the best and most popular application for learning a foreign language. All because of the way it teaches. Forget about boring lectures and dive into interesting interactive stories in Duolingo. You won’t even notice how fast you absorb knowledge while “playing”.




Used by both students and teachers, Quizlet provides help with finding and eliminating weak points in your knowledge. Famous for its unique system that includes multiple learning techniques, this app ensures that you receive the knowledge in the most productive way. And as mentioned before, it can make working on mistakes much easier.




Being in quarantine and studying online go hand in hand. That’s why there are plenty of platforms that provide free online courses, teaching students any subject imaginable. And Coursera is the best among them, hosting the largest library of courses. Of course, they provide the fullest knowledge on any topic and ensure your productivity. One can even purchase a degree certificate after finishing a course, making it a decent alternative for colleges.


As you could probably guess from its name, this site is for anyone interested in engineering. The website is basically a giant library of information on the topic. From usual articles on some innovations to video guides explaining complicated processes and concepts. And the “job search” section of the site can be useful for young engineers who are looking for employment.




Have you dreamt about learning a programming language but thought it may be too hard? No need to be afraid, as SoloLearn can make it an easy and pleasant task. Being pretty similar to Duolingo in terms of interactivity, this app helps you learn how to code in the most productive way. Another point worth mentioning is that every topic you learn offers practical assignments.




TED is a well-known non-profit organization famous for providing free knowledge to everyone. They provide information in different forms. The most popular one is TED Originals, which are short animated movies. They explain every topic imaginable in the easiest way, ensuring that anyone can understand it. 


You can create your own TED Lessons online and share them. Or you could attend already existing ones, made by teachers and students all around the world. But the most famous format TED offers are the conferences.


TED conferences started in 1984, and have made a name for themselves. Usually, they cover several topics. The speakers consist of the best and the most educated professionals from all spheres. And the amount of topics these conferences cover is simply stunning. So, it’s safe to say that TED could be one of the platforms that provide the deepest knowledge in the most accessible form.


Summing up


The amount of technologies available to help students out is simply stunning. But what is important to remember, is that all these apps and sites can’t do the job for you. Because the goal of studying is to obtain knowledge and gain skills, which can’t be done without hard work. So, use these resources wisely and keep improving on your skills.