UNITED STATES—Did you know that you do not need many followers to start a blog? Creating an online presence requires more than just readership and consistency: it demands that you have content and write on topics that matter. Consider several interesting blog topics that you can use to establish your website.

To excel as a blogger, you must first nurture your writing skills. Ensure that you have enough and quality content to write in all your essays and articles. An impactful trick you can use to do the best work is narrowing down your ideas to some of the blogging topics you are interested in before settling on one.

10 Most Interesting Blog Topics

So, are you considering starting a website? Here is a list of 10 good blog topics you to consider.

1. Health and fitness

Careers have made everybody very busy in the 21st century. This means that there is get less time to relax and enjoy life. The resulting lifestyle has had negative implications on health and fitness, more so to individuals working in offices and industries. A health and fitness blog is useful for such people, and readership in the topic is huge.

Your website should focus on simple and healthy diets to keep people in good shape. Touch on simple exercises that keep the body physically fit as well as the benefits of dieting. Such a topic will surely have an impact on many lives: it is interesting.

2. Travel and leisure

Due to time and financial constraints, it is convenient referring to travel blogs to choose preferred destinations. For such a website, you need to write some tips and hacks on how to travel on a budget and how to plan trips. Look into destinations and tell stories about those places.

Keep your audience informed on all the destinations they might want to visit and inform them of what stands out there. This should include hidden gems that are serene and relaxing. If you love travelling and discovering new places, then this is the right topic for you.

3. Cyberbullying and bullying

It is a sensitive topic. You, therefore, need to be an excellent researcher and integral in your writing. For this topic, you can include your experiences with bullying and how to handle both physical and online bullies. You can also give tips to avoid cyberbullying, spread awareness and inform on the consequences of practising the vice.

4. Creative and academic writing

Many students struggle with writing creative and academic essays in college. Therefore, establishing a website on this topic could be of help to very many students. You may even post free essay samples for your audience to give them more insights.

Your website should have writing tips that the audience can use to improve their writing skills. By providing free essay writing samples, you help your audience write better. People learn more when given guidelines and free samples to read. This will make students better essay writers.

5. Sports

Different sports have fanatics across the globe. It is one thing that unites the entire world. Establishing a sports blog can be a very lucrative idea since you have the potential to attract a huge online audience. The most common sports you may want to highlight include:

  • Soccer.
  • Basketball.
  • Tennis.
  • Athletics.
  • Table tennis.
  • Rugby.
  • Hockey.
  • Cricket.
  • Ice hockey.
  • Golf.

6. Video gaming

Blog writing needs consistency. Gaming is an interesting topic that you can write on and still attract a huge audience. Blogging about gaming is very interesting since it is fun for you as well.

As a gaming blogger, you get to try out different games and recommend them to your readers. Millennials love gaming, and this might just be the right topic to attract their attention. Some common games to review may include:

  • FIFA
  • PES Evolution.
  • Fortnight
  • Blur
  • Grand Theft Auto.
  • Counter strike.
  • Call of duty.
  • Prince of Persia.

7. Videography and photography

Today, anyone with a nice phone and camera wants to be a photographer! This topic has a lot of material that you can write about, thus making it one of the best options to choose from. Educate people about unique tricks and tips on how to shoot excellent videos and images. You can also explain how to use the camera effectively.

8. Digital art

There is a huge online community of digital artists that love drawing using computers. If this is one of your interests, consider starting a blog that talks about digital art. It will turn out to be a very suitable platform to share with the world your experiences and works of art.

9. School life

As a student, you can also choose to establish a blog on how to survive in school. Such a blog should focus on how to make it through high school, college or university. Your website should focus on how to help students handle assignments, write better essays, budget, manage time and make new friends, among other subjects.

10. Healthy diets

Are you a foodie? Start an online engagement platform where other foodies seeking healthy diets can scroll up every now and then. Focus on healthy diets for both adults and children. You should advise the world on the healthy meals to adopt, present amazing and tell them the advantages of eating unprocessed food.


These are just but a few blog topic ideas that you might want to adopt for your next blog. For some, you can go a step further to make them vlogs to captivate subscribers. Writing a blog is almost similar to writing an academic essay, except that it is a bit informal with blogs.

Blogging is not that much an uphill task. Enjoy it.