UNITED STATES—Do you have a big move coming up? Are you worried about moving safely amidst the COVID-19 pandemic that is currently impacting all areas in the country? While now may not be the ideal time to move, when you take a few precautions and think outside of the box, you can help keep yourself and others safe. Read through our 10 tips below to help you when planning for your move.

Receive Estimates Over the Phone or Virtually

In non-COVID times, you would likely call to arrange for a few different moving companies to come out to your home and give you a quote for moving your items. This is not a good idea at the moment, so look for companies that are offering virtual or over-the-phone estimates. A moving company like Shift should be able to get a feel for how long it will take to move your items by discussing what you have in the home. You could even do a virtual ‘tour’ of your home over video chat to show furniture pieces and boxes.

Discuss Safety Protocols

You will also want to discuss the various safety measures that each of the moving companies you are considering is taking. Are they requiring their employees to wear masks? Do they encourage extra handwashing? What sanitization measures have they put into place to make sure their moving trucks and packing supplies are clean? Hearing the answers to these questions can help you determine which company you feel the safest working with.

Make Sure Everyone Is Staying Hydrated with Clean and Fresh Water

Moving can be stressful on everyone. Keep yourself and everyone else in your home hydrated and healthy. A filter from Big berkey water filter can help remove chemicals, bacteria, and viruses from your water to help you feel confident that what you’re drinking is safe. On the day of your move, you can also have filtered water available to offer the movers.

Make One Trip to Purchase Packing Supplies

If at all possible, make only one shopping trip to pick up boxes, tape, wrapping paper, and any other packing supplies you need. This will limit your exposure to others and will decrease the chances that you’ll become infected with COVID. You may also want to look for online shopping options or companies that are offering curbside pickup for the items you need.

Finish Packing 24 Hours Before Your Move Time

The Coronavirus is able to live on cardboard for up to 24 hours, so you should aim to finish packing everything at least 24 hours before the movers arrive. This way, if you happen to have COVID, you won’t inadvertently infect someone. Once everything is unloaded into your new house, it will also be a good idea to wait 24 hours before beginning to open and unpack boxes.

Limit the Number of People in the Home on Moving Day

There is no reason to have the whole family in your house on moving day. Try to limit it to just one adult who is present to supervise the movers and make sure everything is moved carefully and properly. If possible, that person should aim to remain outside for the majority of the time.

Maintain a Safe Distance from the Movers

Social distancing is one of the three main things the CDC says will help stop the spread of COVID-19. Keep your distance from the movers and try to stay at least six feet away at all times.

Wash Your Hands Frequently

Regular handwashing is another measure the CDC recommends to help reduce transmission of the Coronavirus. Anytime to come into contact that someone else may have touched, find a sink and wash your hands with soap and warm water. You should also be sure to wash your hands before eating or touching your face.

Wear a Mask

Mask wearing is crucial for slowing the spread of COVID-19. Wear a mask at all times when you are around the movers. If you notice the movers aren’t wearing masks, politely ask them to put theirs on and consider calling the moving company if they don’t comply.

Disinfect Your New Home Before Unpacking

Finally, before settling into your new home and unpacking your belongings, thoroughly disinfect everything, paying close attention to the surfaces that were touched by the movers. As stated above, you should wait 24 hours to begin opening and unpacking your boxes.

While moving during a pandemic is likely overwhelming and nerve-wracking, taking a few precautions can help keep you, the people you love, and the movers helping you safe.

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