BEVERLY HILLS— On Sunday, October 11, an estimated 100,000 Armenians and supporters protested at the Turkish Consulate in Beverly Hills. Organized by the Pan Armenian Council, the protest was held against Azerbaijani and Turkish aggression targeted at Armenia and Artsakh.

The “Artsakh Under Attack: March for Victory” started at Pan Pacific Park near Beverly Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue. It ended at the Turkish Consulate at Wilshire and La Cienega boulevards.

The Beverly Hills Police Department monitored the event and reported zero incidents. Traffic restrictions were also in effect in the area.

The crowd marched throughout Beverly Hills for two miles. The flags of Armenia and Artsakh were waved and banners held that stated “#NoWar” and “#StopAliyev.” Protesters called for justice, chanting: “We want peace.”

Speakers at the event included L.A. City Councilmember Paul Krekorian and U.S. Representative Adam Schiff.

After the protest, Congressman Schiff tweeted: “Armenia and Artsakh do not seek war. They seek only to live in peace. To build prosperous, stable democracies. The people of Artsakh are still standing. The people of Armenia are still standing. And we stand with them. Let peace prevail.”

Mayor Eric Garcetti also tweeted: “We stand with our brothers and sisters in Armenia & Artsakh, & the diaspora in L.A. We welcome the ceasefire and it must be respected. We need our national leadership to step up & help bring peace to the region. Turkey must disengage.”

An estimated 100,000 Armenians and supporters protest at the Turkish Consulate. October 11, 2020. Video courtesy of Mher Petrosyan.

The Los Angeles metropolitan area has the largest population of Armenians outside of Armenia. Protests have also emerged in other cities including Washington D.C., New York City, London, Athens, Paris, Lyon, Brussels and Montreal.

The protests are in light of the latest fighting over the disputed territory of Artsakh. Ignited on September 27, Armenian and Azerbaijan have each accused the other of provocation, with Turkey supporting Azerbaijan. On October 9, Armenia and Azerbaijan agreed to a temporary cease-fire. However, Armenian leaders have accused Azerbaijan of breaking the cease-fire, and Azerbaijani leaders have alleged Armenia of it.