SANTA MONICA— Officials from the City of Santa Monica passed the 12th supplemental order declaring the existence of an international emergency on Monday, April 27. Effective immediately, the order will:

  • Continue to toll planning deadlines
  • Extend the length of allowable hotel stays
  • Allow Santa Monica first-responders and disaster workers to accept City-approved public or private discounts, specials, and subsidies programs. Santa Monica first-responders and disaster workers may now accept inquiries from businesses offering meals and discounts under the 12th supplemental order.

Deadlines for reviewing and acting on planning applications have been tolled since March 16.  Deadlines will continue to be tolled in accordance with all applicable state law and Executive Orders issued by Governor Newsom.  Deadline tolls include:

  • Deadlines that review, determine the completeness of, or take action on applications for planning entitlements, permits, and approvals
  • Deadlines to open or conclude a public hearing on, or to authorize an automatic approval, denial or disapproval of, applications for planning entitlements, permits, or approvals

  • Deadlines to exercise and continuously pursue the rights granted under planning entitlements, permits and approvals
  • Deadlines for review and approval of applications for a building permit, plan review and related approvals
  • Deadlines for expiration of issued building permits, plan reviews and related approvals

Stays of longer than 30 days shall be permitted in lodging establishments lawfully operating as a hotel or motel under Santa Monica Municipal Code. Extended lodging stays were declared by the city to support individuals isolating in hotels under Stay at Home orders. Santa Monica has a population of over 90,000 residents resulting in high volumes of visitors traveling within and across the City’s borders.

The 12th supplemental order is effective through May 15, 2020.