PORTLAND—Portland Police declared a riot on an August 9 protest in Portland. They arrested 16 people during the riot that took place in the Kenton neighborhood.

Early morning on August 10, Portland Police announced that it declared a riot on Sunday, August 9, since commercial grade fireworks were thrown at officers who were trying to disperse an unlawful gathering, and a mortar injured two officers.

200 people started gathering in Kenton Park at about 8 p.m. and started marching at about 9:30 p.m. in the direction of the Portland Police Association (PPA) Offices, Portland Police said. Portland Police tweeted and warned the crowd, “To those gathering on North Lombard Street, you are at the PPA office. Do not engage in criminal activities such as vandalism or attempt to set the building on fire…These types of activities will not be permitted and will result in arrest and potential use of force such as riot control munitions and tear gas.”

A fire occurred outside the PPA office and fire and an ambulance got medical calls, Portland Police said in the news release. After the road was blocked and an ambulance had to be re-routed, an unlawful assembly was declared. Police ordered protesters by Twitter and loudspeaker, “To those near the PPA office, this is now an unlawful assembly. All persons on North Lombard must disperse by traveling WEST now. You are ordered to disperse immediately.” While the majority moved to Kenton Park, commercial grade fireworks including a mortar were thrown at officers and at least two officers were injured, according to the Portland Police Bureau. Due to that accident, police declared a riot at 10:10 p.m.

Some protesters went back to the PPA offices, and police declared a riot again, warning people to “clear the roadway and move to the sidewalk,” according to the news release.

On August 10, Portland Police published the name of the people who were arrested during the riot and their charges. All were booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center, and most of them are on the suspect of “Interfering with a Peace Officer,” according to Portland Police’s report.

President Trump has been consistently urging Portland to accept his help, again tweeted today: