GREENVILLE, SC—On Sunday, July 5, Greenville County Sheriff Hobart Lewis announced that 12 people were injured after a gun was fired at Lavish Lounge, a nightclub in South Carolina. It was later reported that two people died, but it is unclear if they were part of the 12 who were injured.

There was a live performance by Foogiano at the time of the shooting. He was the first rapper to be signed by fellow rapper Gucci Mane’s record label: “1017 Records.” 

The nightclub is located at 1701 White Horse Rd. Lewis said that two deputies were patrolling the area at around 1:50 a.m. and “saw a large commotion outside the club and heard gunshots.” They entered the club—believing there was an active shooter inside—and began to clear people out. The deputies also called for assistance; “every trooper or city police officer that was working immediately came over here,” according to Lewis.

Lewis mentioned that he is currently unaware about the events that transpired prior to the incident. Claims have arisen alleging that the shots were fired after someone in the club tried grabbing a chain that Foogiano was wearing.

“Everything’s turned over, there’s a few chairs in there. There’s food on the floor, some bottles busted,” Lewis said. “You can tell somebody left in a hurry. There is some pretty large amounts of blood in various parts of the club.”

The two casualties have reportedly been identified as Mykala Bell, 23, and Clarence Sterling Johnson, 51. 

Although there is “some suspect information” and the Sheriff’s Office does “have an idea” of who the perpetrator may be, no person of interest has been named thus far. Lewis specified that the incident was “not at all” a racially-charged attack, and was “probably more gang-related.” He said that it remains unknown if there were multiple shooters, but there were “a lot of shell cases inside.” 

The club staff have apparently been cooperative. Forensic investigators were at the scene.

Nightclubs are currently prohibited from opening under an executive order by South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster. Lewis noted that the Sheriff’s Office is checking to see if Lavish Lounge had submitted an appeal—which was approved—to reopen their facility. He also mentioned that “there was a very, very, very large crowd” in the club “with very little space in there for any type of social distancing.”

Anyone with information regarding the incident is requested to contact 271-5210.