WOODLAND HILLS—A 2-year-old girl was attacked by a coyote as she was standing on her front lawn as first reported on Friday, December 2. 

The child was brought home by her parents from pre-school and was waiting on the lawn as they unloaded their car when a coyote ran up to her and started biting at her legs. The coyote managed to drag the girl facedown a few feet along the ground. She screamed prompting her father to run up to the coyote to scare the animal away. 

After the coyote released the child, it remained and lingered as the father started throwing rocks at it in an attempt to make it go away. 

According to reports, the girl did not sustain any life-threatening injuries from the attack She has scratches on her legs from the attack, one described as very deep. She was taken to the emergency room and was administered a rabies vaccination. 

The incident was caught on a doorbell camera from the home which is located on the 22400 block of Martha Street. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is handling the case.