HOLLYWOOD—In 2010, the tally of daytime leading men who seem Emmy award-worthy for next year’s Emmy season includes too many handsome and talented stars to count. However, this week our choice for five of the men who should not be ignored by Academy voters are, Doug Davidson, who portrays Paul Williams on CBS’s “The Young and the Restless”; Don Diamont, who portrays Bill Spencer on CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful”; Jack Wagner, who portrays Nick Marone also on “The Bold and the Beautiful”; Grayson McCouch, who portrayed Dusty Donovan on CBS’s “As The World Turns”; and ABC’s Steve Burton, who portrays Jason Morgan on “General Hospital.” These men all transcend their good looks and channel their characters to perfection on a daily basis.

Doug Davidson, the handsome and talented actor, has portrayed his character for well over two decades on the number-one rated daytime drama, “Y&R”. His fans include all of his peers on the soap and also the multi-talented journalist Michael Logan of TV Guide. Michael spoke to Canyon News last spring to offer his support for the talented star’s Emmy nomination for his work last year, and I’m sure he’d do so again. Doug is a solid actor, who is so genuine in the role. He offers an incredible in-depth performance as if he’s on the silver screen. He’s mastered his comedic timing, and his dramatic turns are the stuff of legends.***image3***

Don Diamont and Jack Wagner, who both star on the 2009 and 2010 Emmy-winning series “The Bold and the Beautiful,” should not be denied any longer. Wagner seems so at ease in his role as Nick, that many viewers have a hard time thinking of his work as dramatic acting. This gift should be honored in our industry and should not be overlooked any longer. While Diamont has approached the role of Bill from an entirely different and more exciting level than he’s ever played in previous roles on other shows. Bill Spencer is one unlikable guy, but Diamont, a genuine guy, deserves an Emmy-nomination for his immense and critically acclaimed performance this year.

Steve Burton is Jason Morgan on “General Hospital,” a mobster with a heart and soul. He may not have his childhood memories after a horrific accident, but his ability to maneuver in the role turning from heart-broken uncle, then to a man in love only to moments later turn into an unstoppable killing machine, should garner the handsome actor great attention from his peers.

While “As The World Turns” ended last month, our hearts and souls are still with our beloved characters, many of which we have known for over a half century of time. It is the actor Grayson McCouch, who portrayed billionaire Dusty, a guy with love in his heart for the ladies he romanced and unending anger for those who considered his or his family’s enemies that stood out in 2010 on the series. Whenever Grayson portrays any character you know it’s going to be done well. He adds gusto to any role he’s ever played. Here’s hoping that Academy voters take these five guys into consideration in the months to come.

Photographs Courtesy: Doug Davidson by CBS, Don Diamont by Monty Brinton for CBS and Grayson McCouch by John Paschal for JPI Studios©