SANTA MONICA—The 2016 Land Art Generator Initiative Exhibition will be open for viewing at the Annenberg Community Beach House Gallery from Tuesday, October 4 through November 1, according to a press release from the city of Santa Monica. There will be an opening reception on October 4 from 6 to 8 p.m. and will include a discussion about issues of design, public art, sustainability, and civic planning.

The exhibit will feature concepts from designers around the world and is a response to the LAGI 2016 design competition. The competition let interdisciplinary teams from around the world design large-scale works of public art that could also provide clean electricity and/or drinking water. The 2016 site challenge was held at the Santa Monica Pier breakwater which allowed teams the opportunity to consider wave and tidal energy along with wind, solar and other renewable sources.

The projects that will be depicted are not part of the design opportunity submissions in Santa Monica, but are the resulting proposals that serve as examples that will move the discussion forward, “on the appeal and utility of green technologies in an urban setting, and the ways in which art and creative thinking can help develop solutions to some of our most pressing environmental challenges,” according to the press release.

In 2008 LAGI was founding with the goal of providing a platform for the design and construction of public art installations that have the benefit of large-scale generation of clean energy. LAGI 2016 plans to push the conversation around vital urban systems and challenge cities, designers and the public to think bigger about climate change and urban planning. There have been thousands of designers from over 60 different countries that have presented unique and positive visions of clean energy in the future.

This year’s event is titled The Art of Designing Energy + Water Infrastructures: LAGI 2016 Santa Monica. There will be a conversation with West Hollywood Public Art Coordinator, Rebecca Ehemann, city of Santa Monica Chief Sustainability Officer, Dean Kubani, and architects Robert Ferry, Barry Lehrman, and Elizabeth Monoian. The conversation will be moderated by CicLAcia co-founder, Aaron Paley.

“The great energy transition is already having an effect on our visual environment and landscapes—think wind turbines outside of Palm Springs and home solar arrays—and this is only going to increase over the coming decades as California works to achieve the mandates of the 2030 Climate Strategy,” states the press release. “What sort of collaborations can spark true innovation in regenerative design? How can we ensure that the outcomes of the energy transition bring benefits to everyone? We’ll examine how public art is getting greener, the aesthetics of functioning energy and water infrastructures, and how the public gets information about climate change, and energy, water, and biodiversity issues.”

The Annenberg Community Beach House is located at 415 Pacific Coast Highway and is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Parking is available at $12 per day or $3 per hour. To RSVP to the opening reception visit For more information on LAGI visit