SANTA MONICA—On Monday, June 7 at approximately 5 p.m., a series of small earthquakes hit four miles off of Hermosa Beach in the Santa Monica Bay. This 3.7 magnitude quake caused little to no damage and no injuries. The earthquake was considered to be minor, with intensities mostly ranging from I (hardly felt) to III (can be felt by people indoors, but many do not recognize this as a quake). The United States Geological Survey received over 3,600 responses from citizens in 202 different ZIP codes around the Los Angeles area.

Sharona Fox, of Santa Monica, posted a YouTube video right after the earthquake occurred. Although the earthquake was small compared to the Northridge earthquake of 1994, it still startled her as she did her exercises. “There was this giant BOOM,” she said, “but I didn’t see anything move.” However, she did hear one of her flower pots fall off a pedestal and break. Fox also stated that she feels grateful to have survived her second earthquake.

This series of earthquakes came after a 3.5 magnitude earthquake that hit in the Santa Monica Bay earlier the same day around 2 a.m. There was also a 2.9 magnitude earthquake just north of Palos Verdes in the afternoon of June 7.