WEST HOLLYWOOD—Three burglary suspects were arrested on Tuesday, August 20 after a 100 mile per hour pursuit with officers that started in West Hollywood and ended in Castaic. The chase began on Melrose Avenue in the West Hollywood area after a report of people breaking into parked vehicles was made.

The suspects were driving inside a white Dodge Challenger when they fled from authorities. The suspects drove through the surface streets of West Hollywood and entered the 101 Freeway traveling in the San Fernando Valley direction. The suspects veered onto the 170 freeway leading onto the 5 freeway. By the time the driver reached the 5 freeway he switched the lights off in the vehicle and continued driving with the California Highway Patrol behind them. The driver at times reached 130 miles per hour during the pursuit weaving in and out of traffic.

The chase ceased shortly after 8 p.m. after the car ran over a spike strip deployed by CHP officers. Members in the vehicle pulled over to the left-hand shoulder in the northbound 5 freeway in Castaic. Officials from the CHP closed the freeway after officers drew their weapons and ordered the suspects out of the vehicle.

The suspects did not immediately comply with the request. At around 8:20 p.m. one suspect stepped out of the vehicle and slowly walked backwards toward officers. A second suspect proceeded to do the same, as he exited the backseat of the vehicle. After the second suspect was taken into custody a third suspect emerged from the backseat and surrendered.

Traffic was backed up for miles during the incident.. The Dodge Challenger is believed to be a rental car from the San Francisco region. Authorities are still investigating the initial burglary the three suspects were suspect of.