MALIBU—The California Coastal Commission, which helps to improve and replenish the quality of life for California’s coastal residents, has approved a plan to help save the coast of Broad Beach, an area of Malibu, known for it’s affluent homes and pristine beaches. The initiative was approved on October 9 with a 7-5 vote.

The 1.1 mile long coastline houses about 108 residences on the coastline located on Broad Beach Road, according to real estate agent Chris Cortazzo. The project will be funded by 121 residents in the area for $31 million and will also gain the help of notable figures, such as actors Ray Romano, Pierce Brosnan, and Dustin Hoffman.

Noaki Schwartz, spokesperson of the California Costal Commission, told Canyon News that the project is estimated to last for about 10 years. Once it is set into place, “we will just see how it goes,” says Schwartz.

As a result of storms and other environmental factors that have become more aggressive over the past few years, some of Malibu’s most cherished beaches are eroding.

According to the Los Angeles Times, city planners are moving towards dumping over 300,000 cubic yards of sand every 5 years throughout the beach, with the help of funds provided by local residents.

Jack Ainsworth, Senior Deputy of Coastal Commission confirmed to the Los Angeles Times that residents had hoped for a 20-year plan, but the city only approved 10 years. “If at the end of 10 years everything’s working great, the commission can extend the permit,” Ainsworth told the LA Times.

Canyon News reached out to the Coastal Commission’s South Coast District office regarding confirmation confirming of the new sand set to replenish Broad Beach, however, they were unavailable for comments.